Edgewood Townehouse Association

In Eugene's South Hills

Message From the Board

Pool opening policy will be set at a special May 25 Board meeting 

Assessing our needs will be the theme of the next couple of months. Frank Gaddini’s inspections of our buildings, including residence courtyards, will help considerably in getting an accurate picture of our capital maintenance needs for the Reserve Study.

The Board will be working with a variety of means to engage homeowners in thinking about our financial situation, including a Zoom Town Hall meeting on June 22. We are also starting to look into “block parties” in late June. People who share driveways will be invited to meet each other, get informed, and discuss what they think about our situation. Out of these processes we hope that alternative approaches to our impending shortages can be developed, especially for roofs and painting. The goal will be to find a solution that will generate wide enough support to pass a vote of the homeowners.

With a finer-grained understanding of our needs from the Reserve Study and engagement from the homeowners, we stand a good chance of being able to come up with a set of clear alternatives for action, in detail, with the costs and consequences laid out for each alternative, so that we can make a clear, informed decision about
our future.

The news about vaccine efficacy continues to be good. Let’s hope it can mean a return to normal interactions soon!

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